The risk of receiving a counterfeit product increases when customer buys it from a reseller as the product moves from Importer to distributor then retailer and then to the reseller. But here at HealthXP we have reduced this gap between the importer and the customer. Thats how HealthXP maintains the quality and authenticity till customer receives the final product.
Genuine Product

How to check if the product is genuine and of good quality?

  • Product should be sealed pack and have a long shelf life.
  • The importers MRP sticker must be there and should display the import date & FSSAI of the importer.
  • The batch number can be confirmed with the Brand itself & from the import also..
  • If still concerned, get the lab test done.

how to ensure authenticity

* Check the hologram — One of the best ways to tell a fake product from the genuine one is to look for the brand’s hologram. Because most of the fake supplements in India are made in extremely low-quality facilities, the technology to properly replicate the hologram doesn’t exist.

* Check the barcode — Most smartphones today support apps that can read barcodes and QR codes. Just do a quick scan; the scan of an original brand should ideally lead you to its website.

* Check the packaging — This can be a bit tricky. Watch out for spelling mistakes, bizarre fonts, wrong logos and even wrong nutritional information.

* Check the seal — If the seal of the product looks weird or of bad quality, chances are that it has been tampered with.

* Dissolve a spoonful in water — Add a spoonful of the supplement to water at room temperature and stir for a few seconds. The original supplement will dissolve easily whereas the fake products usually leave behind clumps of the powder as residue in the glass.

* Look for FSSAI approval on the packaging — Food Safety and Standards Association of India or FSSAI is the regulatory body responsible for health supplements.

Muscle Pro Nutrition(MPN)

Email: Phone: +91-22-26527600 Website: About US: Muscle Pro Nutrition’s philosophy is very simple; to provide Indian customers with the BEST source of high quality Sports nutrition brands available in the world. Through the years, we have developed excellent relationships with major manufacturers and brands and can pass these benefits to our clients..

Bright Commodities

Bright Commodities is a leading importer of nutritional and health related products and supplements. We are official authorised importer for Optimum Nutrition and Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition products in India across all channels. Bright Commodities is appointed as an authorised importer for Ultimate Nutrition, MUTANT and SCITEC Nutrition products in India.With a pan-India reach and seven warehouses spread across the country, we have a large distribution network. Making genuine products and quality supplements available to all is our goal.

Pearl International

address;   Neelkanth Corporate Park, Office No.808, 8th Floor, Nathani Rd, Vidyavihar, Mumbai- 400086

 : +91-7045292481
 : 022-25150020

Welcome to Pearl International. We are one of the India's leading distributors for wholesale supplements, both health and sports based, as well as offering a great range of products.

We are official importer for all of the leadings brands such as BPI, Schiek, Allmax Nutrition, Gat, Rsp, Mhp, Evl, Purus labs, Stacker2, Dymatize.

Unlimited Nutrition

 call at +91 02240100770 from Monday to Saturday between 10:30 am to 6 pm. 

The nutritional products and sport supplements industry is flooded with a variety of brands and products including a wide range of spurious products. In such an environment, it is hard to know what to choose. We are there to assist you! Our team is knowledgeable, approachable, passionate and responsible. We are committed to providing quality and genuine products.

Whatever be your sporting activity - whether body building, weight training, cricket, tennis, running, swimming, martial arts, yoga, etc. or your training goal whether building muscle, gaining weight, losing weight, increasing endurance, increasing fitness levels, etc. or your special dietary requirements - senior citizen, diabetic, lactose intolerance, etc. or if you are just looking for that perfect meal–on–the-go - we have the nutritional supplements to complement your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals!